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1969 Fashion fab city Barbie outfit 2 1874 Barbie in 2018
brunette Twist N Turn Barbie in 1874 Fab City, both from 1969 Barbie, Barbie
1969 Fashion fab city Barbie outfit 2 #1874
Vintage Barbie - Fab City, 1969 had this one Play Barbie, Barbie Doll House
*Vintage Barbie Lunchtime #1673 (1966-1967) "Barbie" Print Dress
Late Twist n turn, (TNT) Marlo Barbie by Mattel with some of her outfits from the same period
Mod Barbie 1970 Bright 'N Brocade Still have this Barbie outfit.
TAIWAN 70er 80er Superstar Barbie Fashion Photo in Best Buy #9962 UNIKAT 1977
vintage barbie intrigue | fashion doll guide home barbie 1967 intrigue vintage barbie intrigue Play Barbie
Mod Era Barbie dolls, fashions, accessories for Barbie collectors
Barbie - Kitty Kapers Reproduction
Mod Barbie 1970 Flower Wower #1453
She's one of my most favorite TNT's. Barbie Skipper, Play Barbie, Barbie Doll
TNT Living Barbie Wearing #3437 “Dancing Lights” and #1874 “Fab City” (1969). Sold for $225 via Apple Tree Auction Center (March 2014).
Vintage #5 Blonde Ponytail Barbie wearing "Country Club Dance" from 1965 Blonde Ponytail
Hair Fair heads in 1855 Team Ups, 1869 Midi Magic and 1868 Happy Go Pink. Find this Pin and more on My 1969 Barbies ...
Vintage Barbies in mod-era Japanese excluisve outfits
Holiday Dance #1639 (1965-66). Complete.
barbie stacie by Gwendolyns Treasures, 3
1960s Japanese market exclusive, Francie doll outfit. highlight in Auction #49 Play Barbie
Vintage 1977 Mattel Superstar Barbie Doll In Best Buy #9577 (1976) Curly Hair
Talking PJ in her original minidress and shorts. Her legs fall off, and the shorts help keep the limbs in place. Find this Pin and more on My 1969 Barbies ...
Fab City #1874 (1969)
Twist'nTurn Barbie in 'Gypsy Spirit', 1970 Play Barbie, Barbie I
brunette Twist N Turn Skippers in two variations of1976 School's Cool Barbie, Barbie Doll
1967 Vintage Mod Barbie & Midge Fashions - Print A Plenty 1686 - Both Versions
1969 Mod Barbie Midi Magic #1869
Dress Barbie Fashionista, Barbie Patterns, Doll Clothes Patterns, Vintage Barbie Dolls, Poupon
Marlo Flip Barbie 1969 wearing "Dancing Lights" from 1971
Love the color of this gown of the beautiful doll; Barbie Gowns, Barbie Dress
Miss Ionian Islands 2015/2016 Barbie Miss, Miss Pageant, Barbie World, Doll
Poseable Blush and Gold Cocktail Dress Barbie® Doll | The Barbie Fashion Model Collection,
1967 Vintage Mod TNT Chocolate Bon-Bon Barbie Doll in Vint… | Flickr
Fab City #1874
Marlo Flip Barbie in "Dream-Ins" both 1969
Vintage Talking Julia Barbie NM In Her Original Jump Suit (1969) Complete/Extras
Photo Gallery #1; vintage + mod dolls and fashions - Skipper Website Play Barbie
1970 blonde Talking Barbie in 1969 1484 Mellow Yellow
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Barbie Dolls : Fairlane Barbie Wardrobe, Barbie Outfits, Barbie Dress, Doll Clothes Barbie
1969 Barbie Doll clothes #1873 Plush Pony Fashion with Orange Boots No Doll 1 of 6 See More
Mod Era Barbie Growin' Hair Francie. Sold for $40 via Toys, Trains, and Other Old Stuff (July 2016).
Vintage Barbie Doll Mod TNT Bendable Legs Japan 1960s With Two Hair Pieces And Original Vintage Modified Outfit #1874 "Fab City"
Barbie and Derek dolls Barbie I, Barbie And Ken, Barbie World, Barbie Clothes
Vintage Barbie Beautiful Dress! Fab Lu Misty Tammy Shillman Tina Cassini Babs 1 of 4 See More
Color Magic Barbie With Sample Mattel Dress. Sold for $1050 via McMasters Harris Appletree Doll Auctions (February 2012).
Happy Go Pink #1868
*1969 Fashion Glo-go Barbie outfit 2 #1865 1969 Fashion, Fashion Dolls
Barbie Dolls : Winter Whites for Silkstone Barbie Barbie I, Barbie World, Barbie Dress
*1995 Limited edition special occasion Winter Peppermint princess Barbie doll 2 #13598 Princess Barbie
American Girl Barbie Doll. Sold for $180 via Morphy Auctions (March 2014).
HTF Vintage Barbie Mattel FAB CITY #1874 Dress Gown & Shawl Silver Lamé & Pink
Vintage Barbie #1874 Fab City 1969 HTF NRFB NRFP NRFC MIB MIP MOC RARE #Mattel
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Blonde Swirl Ponytail Barbie. Sold for $225 via McMasters Harris Appletree Doll Auctions (June 2012).
VINTAGE 1967 Mod BARBIE Fashion #1688 Travel Togethers JACKET SKIRT HAT Outfit
Vintage Barbie DOLL Best Buy Fashion #3638 Green Gold Ties Halter Dress 1 of 7 See More
1960-1961 Mattel #4 Blonde Ponytail in an Original (2) Piece Pink Pajama Set. Sold for $200 via The Gallery at Knotty Pine (December 2014).
Vintage Barbie Shillman Bild Lilli Wendy Elite Miss Suzette Fab Lu Dress! 1 of 5 See More
The Guide to Vintage Barbie Dolls
1967 Standard Barbie in Original Box and Swimsuit. Sold for $400 via Apple Tree Auction Center (August 2015).
Extravaganza #1844
Vintage Barbie MAKE MINE MIDI #1861 Complete Mod Outfit 1969
Wonderful Blonde #1 Boxed Barbie. Sold for $6,600 via Morphy Auctions (April 2013).
Blonde #5 Ponytail Barbie in “Pretty as a Picture.” Sold for $225 via McMasters Harris Appletree Doll Auctions (January 2010).
Brunette Twist 'N Turn Barbie in “Plush Pony.” Sold for $100 via McMasters Harris Appletree Doll Auctions (January 2010).
Stunning MWOB Titian Talking TNT Barbie # 1115
Vintage Barbie doll in near perfect condition- arm gloves are in need of some repair
Vintage matching Silver Sparkle dress for Barbie sister Skipper + for tiny doll
Barbie: Vintage 1969 Julia BRRR-FURRR, Mattel #1752 - VHTF
Dreamy Pink #1857
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1874 Fab City 1969
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#6 Blonde Ponytail Barbie in #1655 Here Comes The Bride. Sold for $150 via McMasters Harris Appletree Doll Auctions (January 2013).
Glo-Go #1865
Vintage Barbie Doll Fashion Clothes MIP Silve & White Lace Dress Outfit Penneys 1 of 3 See More
Giant lot of MOD vintage Barbie doll Best Buy Outfits Dresses Clothing 70's
Vintage Mattel Barbie Skipper Pose N Play Bend Knee Doll 1969 Taiwan
Vintage Barbie 1961 Evening Splendor Jacket and Dress Clothing Outfit Fashion 1 of 2 See More
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TNT Barbie #1160 with Busy Barbie #3311 Head Twist n Turn Barbie 1968 Mod Era Barbie Japan
Let's Have A Ball #1879
Swimsuit ~Mattel Barbie Doll Vintage 1969 Standard Pink Green Bathing Suit #1190
Dramatic New Living Barbie
Vintage Maddie Mod Barbie Clone Clothes Fashion Vanilla Sundae Sheer Dress Tlc 1 of 1 See More
Mint mattel 1182 Walk Lively Barbie. Sold for $270 via Toys, Trains, and Other Old Stuff (April 2017).
Vtg 60s Barbie Francie Doll Clothing Lot Reception Line Hat Dress PAK Pants 1 of 12 See More
Vintage Mattel Barbie Fab Fur #1493 Mod Outfit 1969 Complete 1 of 12 See More
Brunette #3 Ponytail Barbie in Original Striped Swimsuit. Sold for $425 via Apple Tree Auction Center (March 2014).
Vintage 1969 Mattel Barbie Fab City outfit-dress, shoes, shawl
1968 Fashion wild'n wonderful Barbie & Stacey outfit 2 #1856
BARBIE VINTAGE Sew Free Day in Town #1712 Dress & Coat Outfit Fashion
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Barbie Doll Vintage Clothing Outfit Mattel LOT 10 Purse Vinyl Pants Coat MORE 1 of 10 See More
Vintage Barbie Dolls Value Guide
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Mattel Barbie brunette bubble cut doll in box. Sold for £42 via Reeman Dansie (October 2013).
60s Style Fashion Doll Clothes Handmade 4 Barbie Dress w Pink Coat, Hat and Bag