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Bomb Damage East Germany DDR GDR t Berlin
Berlin | DDR. Ost-Berlin, 1969
Nina Leen, GERMANY – Frau & Herr Fritz Kehl dining on terrace of their bombed-out villa. Carol's Candy Corner · East Germany - DDR / GDR
By the summer of 1969 much building work remained to be done in East Berlin to repair the damage of the Second World War bombing. The refacing of buildings ...
Berlin: Abriss der Mauer am Reichstag, 07.01.1990 Fall Of Berlin Wall,
Germany Under Allied Occupation, 1945 German women form a chain gang to clear rubble from
Berlin, straight after the partition in 1945 (image from www.history.co.uk)
Photo Gallery: The Twilight of the Palace
Post-war Berlin - Unter den Linden with traffic and trams and bomb damage.
Nachkriegszeit: Im zerbombten Berlin fotografieren üben
Vanished Architecture of Berlin
Soviet T-55 tanks at Checkpoint Charlie, October 27, 1961.
HD Rights Managed Stock Footage # 181-537-051
Eastern Bloc emigration and defection
DDR Map of East Berlin
The leadership of the German Democratic Republic wanted to root out Prussian history for ideological reasons. It was because of this that the Berlin Palace ...
Photo Gallery: A Century-Long Project
Vereidigung. Carol's Candy Corner · East Germany - DDR / GDR
The Brandenburg Gate, an iconic symbol of Berlin, severely damaged from WWII and hastily patched after, was initially a crossing point for the Berlin Wall.
Out of the Ashes: A New Look at Germany's Postwar Reconstruction - SPIEGEL ONLINE
The 1986 La Belle disco bombing in West Berlin by Libyan operatives killed three and injured
Rooms with a view: A bomb-damaged Berlin building.
East German border guards on top of the Brandenburg Gate. West Berlin, Berlin Wall
“This is how the Berlin Wall started, 55 years ago, on the morning of the 13 August Will last 28 years. Carol's Candy Corner · East Germany - DDR / GDR
West Berlin, as of 1978
An East German soldier ignores orders to let no one pass and helps a boy, who was found on the opposite side from his family, cross the newly formed ' Berlin ...
East Germany - DDR / GDR · Windows in East Berlin near the construction of the Berlin Wall are bricked up. Viewed
German Refugees ...
VW Volkswagen 1200 was used to conceal GDR citizens in their escape to West Berlin.
GDR. 20th C. 'The Class swot'. East Germans could travel to
Plaque ...
Ganymed Restaurant
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Kulturpalast (Palace of Culture) in Dresden - built by the East German government in
Life in East Germany - it wasn't all Stasi and Sauerkraut! [Photograph
Berlin's Religious Architectural Heritage
New listing DDR Abzeichen "FahnenSchild" 1959 Nationale Front Berlin SED ( East german badge
MiG-21 crashed on “Plattenbau” building, Cottbus, East Germany, 1975.
East German (DDR) postage stamp (1971): Ten years of the Berlin
August 1961 - A Column of East German Armored Cars Lines Up Behind Brandenburg Gate Against
Old and new architecture hug each other at Neues Museum
HD Rights Managed Stock Footage # 520-976-217
The best remembered component of the SED (East German) social welfare system was free child care. Here we see child care workers with their young charges in ...
HD Rights Managed Stock Footage # 549-377-483
Museum Island
A BFC wall calendar from 1985 purchased on my visit to East Berlin that spring.
As early as December 1940, the blast from a British air raid on Berlin had destroyed the precious altar windows designed by Anton von Werner, as well as all ...
Battle of Berlin: November 22nd 1943
Memorial to Olga Segler, Bernauer Strasse 34, photographed 5 June 1962
... T-72 ...
An Aussie's travels to air shows, aviation museums and more around the world
The Reconstruction of the East German Capital - East Berlin
The former Stasi headquarters in Berlin - now a museum.
Image: Palace of the Republic 1977 (Istvan; Wikimedia Commons) Link to larger image.
A great shot of GDR Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-23ML Flogger in flight
An East Berlin woman escapes to the West with the help of relatives, Neukölln,
Allied Checkpoint on the Berlin Wall between West & East Germany 1978 - Stock Image
Top things to do in Berlin
Dresden in ruins after Allied bombings, February 1945, Germany, WWII [800 X 800] ...
The plane had hit the second floor of the apartment block.
Ruins of Berlin. Photo by Bundesarchiv, B 145 Bild-P054320 / Weinrother, Carl / CC-BY-SA 3.0
Berlin Wall
Old East German products. Today, many people are nostalgic for certain aspects of life
Ulbricht addresses the People's Chamber in 1950. His modeling of his beard on that of Lenin did not go unremarked by contemporaries.
GDR Ilyushin Il-28 Beagle medium bombers and Il-2U trainer (Photo Source
5/14/1961 - East German Army Trucks Line Up to Move Furniture Out
Weekend PhotographsToday is the 65th Anniversary of the East German Uprising, Crushed by Soviet Tanks ...
The text on the fund raiser tickets translates as follows: Building block for the reconstruction of Berlin. The reconstruction of the German Capital serves ...
If you only have time to visit one place in Germany, go to Berlin, the largest city in the country offers a plethora of sights and activities.
East German border guards inspecting damages at the Berlin Wall at the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin
A man chisels into the Berlin Wall in November 1989.
A Soviet T-34/85 tank in East Berlin, June 17, 1953. Photo by Bundesarchiv, B 145 Bild-F005191-0040 / CC-BY-SA 3.0
Artillery damage on the original columns outside the Pergamon Museum.
DDR memories
Keyframe view
DDR Museum in central Berlin.63 ...
The Berlin Wall: Another Cold War Myth
Here is the Berlin Sony Center.
The ...
Secret tunnel: The 150ft escape route was constructed by East German leader Erich Honecker in
N.B. – I wrote this essay in October 1987, two years before the fall of Berlin Wall and the collapse of East Germany. This essay needs to be read in ...
Damage to Prison Buildings after heavy bombing
Here is Knut, from the Berlin Zoo.
television / broadcast, TV sets, damaged RFT TV set, Berlin, Germany,
Remains of the Berlin Wall, Germany
Render of the Humboldt Forum in Berlin, showing the reconstructed north façade and dome of the former Stadtschloss and a contemporary east façade designed ...
German civilians queue at a streetside water pump in Berlin. Such pumps provided the only source of clean water in the German capital due to the destruction ...