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We recently put our beloved dog, Ginger, to sleep. It's been a very difficult thing for me. But when I reflect on her life, she taught me quite a bit.
I adopted Ryder from a kill shelter when he was six months old. I didn't know he was already convinced people couldn't be trusted, or that because of his ...
Since I've been a dog Mumma for a year now, I wanted to compile a list of things he has taught me. I've shared this list with a few other dog parents ...
My dog taught me that love doesn't just include loving the good things about someone, but the not-so-pleasant things as well. Blaize never learned how to ...
I remember the day I saw him on my Facebook feed. I saw him and needed to have him. I was searching online for rescue dogs and didn't find the one until ...
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Lessons From My Dog: What Mila taught me about mindfulness and money — Northbound
What My Dog Taught Me About Consent
Four Things My Dog has Taught Me
By: Anna Duin
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What breaking my dog taught me about running a successful business - Katie Woodland
Medical Aid in Dying: What My Dog Taught Me
6 Things My Dog Taught Me About Being a Mom
When we first adopted Charlie, they told us judging from his weight loss, eye infection and matted fur, he had probably been on his own, roaming around ...
Amazon.com: Really Important Stuff My Dog Has Taught Me (9780761181798): Cynthia L. Copeland: Books
12 weeks ago I took a leap into the canine world and welcomed a Yorkshire terrier puppy into my life. I didn't enter into the arrangement lightly.
“A dog will teach you unconditional love. If you have that in your life, things won't be too bad”. Today is my baby boy Cooper's first birthday.
Amber Carlton and her dog, Ranger. Photo courtesy of dogster.com .
Rabbi Wittenberg takes a wry and insightful look at how we could all learn so much by adopting a dog's attitude to life
Stay: Lessons My Dogs Taught Me about Life, Loss, and Grace by Dave Burchett
My dog has taught me more about loyalty, commitment, & love than any human has.
g in the sun, Murph's favorite thing to do other than getting out in the sun, the vet gave her a gentle shot.
Sleeping next to her leash, my son's dog Ruca dreams of going for a walk. There is much we can learn from dogs. One thing my dog taught me about life is ...
He enjoys long hours of cuddling on the couch watching Hulu. Even though he was “lost” when I met him, it's like I was specifically made for him.
Tricks My Dog Taught Me: Don't Quit
Carol & Coda at the park via micahdeyoung.com
In Safi's defence, he writes, in a Jewish household where he hadn't encountered a Christmas tree indoors: “The tell-tale evidence of his misdemeanour was ...
Dog owner Joanne Brokaw shares the meaningful lessons her Border collie, Scout, has taught her about life.
My Dogs Have Taught Me That I Shouldn't Have Kids
I'm telling her in a happy voice how amazing she is the whole time. As the dog gets used to the task you don't have to give treats as often.
8 Things My Dog Has Taught Me
After the Paris Attacks: What My Sleeping Dog Taught Me About How ONE Person Can Make a Difference
what my blind dog taught me
David Rosenfelt: 'Senior dogs taught me what rescue is all about'
Hodder Faith on Twitter: "Things My Dog Has Taught Me by @RabbiWittenberg publishes on 19th October! Pre-order now from your local bookshop: ...
It's a cold December morning in Roger Williams Park in Providence, Rhode Island. It's only 23 degrees at 6am and Maggie, my dog, my copilot, my sidekick, ...
3. It's okay to be spoiled. Yes! I said it! What is life for if not to have fun and care about those around you by spoiling them!
Sadie is light! Her last morning with us. “You better do it. Don't be fooled by my beauty.” Her coat was shiney, soft, and beautiful, but, inside, ...
Turns out puppy strategies work well for the long term health of us humans, too
Whatever the crime, one look into those puppy-dog eyes and all is forgiven. I don't like flip-flops anyways – he must have known that!?
As the kids head back to school, we are often reminded that we should all continue to learn. There aren't any teachers living in my house and I don't go to ...
Don't judge. Dogs don't care what you're wearing or what you look like. They don't care about how much money you make or what kind of car you drive.
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Life Lessons From the Dog
My dog taught me the meaning of unconditional lover t-shirt
Sometimes a friendly hello isn't the right course of action. Trust your instincts. For runners, this can mean resting an injury or not taking a ...
What My Dog, Takara's Taught Me
Don't bother to fuss. Just get down to business. Maddie could do her business anywhere in the yard or woods. No persnickety miss there.
In those awful moments, I was desperate to find a way to help. When I couldn't find a way to save her, I felt like I lost control.
Carol swimming via micahdeyoung.com
My Dog Taught Me Meaning Of Unconditional Love Ladies T-Shirt
Kee Kee Buckley on Twitter: "What My Dog Taught Me By Dying https://t.co/WgvyWj1kur #dog #death #Grief #LifeLessons #Yoda… "
Bark enough and you'll get what you want
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Everyone says it, but I didn't believe it until Copley came home with us. But dogs show you what it means to have unconditional love.
If you come into the living room and find that the small, but potentially vicious dog that your mummy and daddy have invited to come and stay has decided to ...
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Kenji wasn't a puppy and he didn't play one on TV. He did, however, know what the secret was to aging well. Unfortunately, he never divulged that priceless ...
My dog Rumpole has taught me so much, he's been by my side in times of great joy, sadness and helped me weather every shade of life in between.
A PUPPY AND DOG'S POINT OF VIEW BOOK ONE: THINGS MY DOG TAUGHT ME: A Hound on the Hunt doesn't Know it has Fleas by Miss Koo
I want to introduce you to an important lady in my life.
How My Dog Taught Me To Be A Better Person
My dog Baci in The Pink Jacket….isn't she cute?
Tricks My Dog Taught Me: About Life, Love, and God - eBook -
It's Okay To Love Again, My Dog Taught Me That
... 2. networking ...
Piper Laundry
I met Maxwell Oliver in a fortuitous snow storm. I was nannying at the time and still finding my way around St. Paul, and wanted to find a shelter for a bit ...
5 Things My Blind Dog Has Taught Me (Reading Time: 1 mins 15 secs)
Coda in the lake via micahdeyoung.com
Our vet was cautiously optimistic, but our many appointments and phone conversations couldn't help but be tinged with that underlying thought of “is she ...
My dog has a bit of an attitude problem. At least, that's the human assessment. He doesn't think he has a problem at all. There are just some dogs he ...
Cold Day = Sad Dog
I've never met a happier dog in my life than him. When I wake up each morning and see him looking at me, I am reminded to see the best in everyday.
Be sure to share with me stories about your fur babies down below!
It doesn't have to be a terrifyingly hard workout to get and stay healthy. Whether it's a walk outside or tackling her favorite toy, Roxy stays active ...
My dogs have taught me many tricks, thought I
this episode taught me my **** dog that can't do anything
I had just lost my pet of seven years- "Little Joe" to a terrible incident. I swore I couldn't bear having another pet for a very long time.
When I met Capri eleven years ago, she was a skinny, flea-ridden puppy without a home. She was just a puppy, maybe four months old.
Drew Ramsey, MD on Twitter: "@ColumbiaPS My dog taught me so much he started working in my office! #therapydog #shrink https://t.co/LP1KlhKdZg"
Sometimes, you have to back up your growl with a bite. Go with it. Some people like to test your bark-to-bite ratio. With those “inquisitive” types…go for ...