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Original DMG Style with Green Backlight Bivert Mod t
Original #DMG Style with Green Backlight Bivert Mod Light Grey Replacement Shell and Original Style Buttons . The colour match for the Light Grey is so much ...
White Backlight Yellow Green Backlight Bivert mods and original style Glass Screen Lens . #DeadpanRobot #GameBoyMods #Nintendo #GameBoy
I'm now a Game Boy Pocket bivert believer ...
[Modding]Have you ever played a backlit DMG gameboy? Its soooooo satisfying... Works in the dark and still nastolgic.
Nice Original Grey #DMG . White Backlight and Bivert Mod new screen lens . If
NINTENDO original game boy yellow DMG-01 custom backlight mod, white, red, green: $199.99 End Date: Sunday Jul-1-2018 9:46:12 PDT Buy It…
DMG Style Limited Edition Game Boy Pocket
comparison of the green and yellow, both biverted
Gameboy DMG With Backlight, Prosound Mod, and More
Just thought I'd share my original Radiant Red Game Boy DMG-001 back light with bivert mod ...
Look what just arrived in the mail!
NES style DMG . White Backlight Bivert Mod Black Custom Screen Lens Grey Custom Shell NES
Nice looking Original Style Grey with Green Backlight and Bivert - for the gentleman that gave
Dark Grey Shell White Backlight Bivert Mod Aqua Blue D-Pad Pink NES Style Buttons Black Screen Lens . #DeadpanRobot #GameBoyMods #Nintendo #GameBoy #DMG01
NINTENDO Game Boy Original DMG-01 Backlight + Bivert Mod*New Glass Screen*
1 of 4FREE Shipping ...
Light Blue Backlight Bivert Mod Translucent Blue Shell Pink Screen Lens Pink NES Style Buttons Pink Silicone Parts . Custom orders available at ...
Light me up
Clear DMG with yellow backlight and glow-in-the-dark Pocket with white backlight
For DMG Style Backlit Game Boy Color modded consoles in the UK or Europe - go
Nintendo Gameboy Advance backlit AGS 101
Reviving a 1989 GameBoy with style: Backlight, bivert & more!! - Hackinformer
NES style - DMG with NES style buttons White Backlight and Bivert Mod - SP with
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Gameboy DMG-01 Backlight Mod with Bivert Chip
Extreme Green Gameboy pocket with a white backlight mod and bivert chip
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Original Style Black & Maroon Buttons For Nintendo Game Boy
#bivert photos & videos
Green Backlight Kit by Game Boy Mods UK
Custom screen lens by @bluishsquirrel! . Backlit #GameBoyAdvance and a standard GBA with the original reflective LCD - we don't get much ...
Modded my Gameboy with a repaint, new speaker, new battery light, backlight, and bivert. Really proud of my first attempt and wanted to share!
Nintendo Game Boy Advance GBA NES System AGS 101 Backlit Mod RECHARGEABLE!
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Retro Modzz ( @retromodzzuk )
Teal Backlight Kit by Game Boy Mods UK
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Nintendo Game Boy Advance GBA AGS 101 Brighter Mod Backlit Pick Shell & Buttons!
Let's Mod - Backlight and Biverting a DMG Gameboy! [Part 1]
Nintendo Game Boy DMG-01 with white Backlight and Bivert Mod, Gameboy
Here's some of my recent builds over the last few months ...
image 0
comparison of the green and yellow, both biverted
DMG Gameboys ...
DMG style shell to build my Gameboy Zero and black shell to rebuild
Welcome to Reddit,
Nintendo Game Boy (Green) - Customized with inverted white backlight, pink silicone buttons, and white screen shield
Playable screen size = W: 45.5mm T: 41.5mm
Nintendo Original GameBoy DMG-01 - See Description For Condition
[USA] Green play it loud DMG with backlight, bivert and internal prosound mods PRICE DROP ($80 shipped CONUS)
Now; if they could mod an original Game Boy Pocket Light to maybe improve that screen even further then I think that might be the best overall solution ...
Bivert Mod Custom Circuit Board For Nintendo Game Boy
V5 Backlight for Gameboy DMG-01 Tutorial
Bivert Chip
Still just blown away by the results of the backlight and bivert mod on this old
DMG Tetris Edition 2.1 | Backlit Nintendo Game Boy Original with custom UV printing | Original
Game Boy Collection So Far! (AGB-001 and other DMG-001 not included :P) ...
Reposted from @gameboykingdom - Tetris DMG Collector's Edition | Backlit Nintendo Game Boy Original with
Link: 15. [USA] Red Gameboy Original with red backlight and bivert ...
Backlit Nintendo GBA Game boy Advance Custom Backlight - indigo ags 101 brighte
Blue DMG with pink backlight/bivert. Looks a lot better than it did,
Retro Modzz ( @retromodzzuk ). Nintendo GameBoy DMG Classic fully refurbed, new white shell, backlight lcd, bivert mod ...
Started to mod my gameboys 😊 . . . . #backlight #bivert #gameboybacklight
(usa-cali) nintendo gameboy-backlit teal+birvet chip+glass screen+internal pro sound+2 free random game*lcd cancer*($85 shipped/paypal)
DBDesign ( @danielblomdesign )
(@ovenbakedgoodness) Instagram Profile @ovenbakedgoodness. Another successful bivert and backlight mod!
Custom Gameboy Backlit Pro Sound LSDJ
Lift the LCD Connector Pins 15 & 16
Creo que la diferencia salta a la vista: La imagen con el chip Bivert y el filtro rotado se nota muchisimo mejor que la otra que es mas lavada.
Kiwi... Hands down one of the best looking GBC colours out. Even
Nintendo GameBoy DMG Original Handheld System Backlight Bivert GLASS ProSound
... Bivert Mod Custom Circuit Board For Nintendo Game Boy
Nintendo GameBoy Pocket Handheld Console System Backlight Bivert GLASS Screen 1 of 8Only 3 available ...
Game Boy Advance GBA Console w/ AGS 101 Backlight Backlit Mod & Colorful Buttons
Glitchy glitch 👽 #nintendo #nintendode #gameboy #dmg #modding #gameboymods #
Nintendo Game Boy Advance GBA Glacier System AGS 101 Brighter Backlit Mod MINT
Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge DMG | Nintendo Game Boy with Custom UV printing | Original
Bivert board mounted and working good 👍🙂 #retrogaming #nintendo #gameboy # dmg
Deadpan Robot
2017-02-24 22.50.45.jpg
Rick ( @rick_makes_stuff )
That's the part of my GB collection I can get to at the minute. I don't have any modded consoles but I've a few more GBPs and a box full of carts ...
(us-fla) Gameboy DMG • Backlight Bivert • OEM PIL shell • Two-part buttons • Glass screen lens • ($84 shipped / Etsy link in comment)
DMG Game Boy Backlight Success.JPG
"Cherry Lemonade" Original Gameboy DMG with red backlight and bivert. Every Goodboy Gameboy. "