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Ravelry Kate Davies Designs Milarrochy Tweed Yarn Therapy
Ravelry: Kate Davies Designs Milarrochy Tweed
Chez Mamie, Wool
Carbeth is knit from the bottom up, casting on all the stitches for the fronts and back at once, then knitting with no shaping until you reach the arms.
Strathendrick is knit in 6 shades of Milarrochy Tweed. The colourwork echoes the rich floral tapestry of my home landscape in summer.
3. This stitching: it's a design by Ink Circles called Damask Square, and is my 'easy' (ha!) cross stitching project. I'm sewing 2 over 2 on 28 count grey ...
So after ordering more yarn and a few more days postie stalking I finally reached the finish line ten days after casting on. Not bad but certainly nothing ...
Miss Potter pattern by Laura Aylor
Ravelry: Project Gallery for Manu pattern by Kate Davies Kate Davis, Embroidery Patterns,
It's Strathendrick by Kate Davies and I'm making it in the suggested yarn, Milarrochy Tweed, which is stunning. I wasn't sure at first, it's a single ply ...
Oversized does not mean shapeless, and there are key shaping elements here that make all the difference.
Honeycomb Sweater pattern by Wencke Pertermann (Lucas)
Ravelry: Stevenson Gauntlets pattern by Kate Davies
I highly encourage you to go check out the other patterns here on Ravelry – it's hard to pick a favorite but I might have to make myself a Tarradale at some ...
... but pleasingly structured, almost multi-directional piece. The squooshy garter stitch just works so nicely with the Milarrochy Tweed.
My hat (or heid, a Scots word for "head") is called Caithness, and it uses five shades of Kate's lovely yarn Milarrochy Tweed. Unlike most of Kate's books, ...
I use washi tapes in my bullet journal and around my home to feed and inspire designs, and also to affirm what I am working on. I loved that during a phase ...
Once bound off, the finishing is minimal (just a few ends to weave in) – you can shrug on your shrug and head out the door!
Stevenson sweater and gauntlets – Kate Davies Designs
I seem to be exploring dolman and batwing-esque sleeves a lot in my design work at the moment. With St Catherines, I wanted to design a really simple, ...
Deco : Kate Davies Design An elegant cardigan inspired by the set-back facades of
St Catherines is now available on Ravelry as a single pattern, or in kit form in the shop. As with many Milarrochy Tweed projects, I think it's quite a ...
... Kate Davies touches that elevates her designs. Oh and I added a pocket, I like pockets and it means I have somewhere to store my ever present tissue.
Could I create an upper-body-covering piece of fabric, then extend the sleeves and body so that it grew into more of a jacket?
Ursula by Kate Davies gorgeous
Petit Fours – Three Irish Girls Yarn Inc Irish Girls, Petit Fours, Spinning,
This pattern is one of fifteen included in the exciting forthcoming Kate Davies Designs publication, Milarrochy Heids. This fantastic collection of hats ...
artsy artsy July 12, 2018 | ZsaZsa Bellagio - Like No Other
Ravelry: knittimo's petite manu
Sea Glass Mixed BFL/Tussah Silk spun by a friend....just
Kate Davies' Bohus scarf by Kerstin Olsson Knitting Scarves, Crochet Scarves, Knit Crochet
EYF snapshots
Its a couple of months since they were taken, and I find it curious looking at them since my appearance has recently undergone quite a radical change.
Kate Davies mittens. Jazz Hands pattern release on 1/22/15 Mitten Gloves
Milarrochy Tweed: developing a palette – Kate Davies Designs Things To Think About, Hand
Kate Davies - West Highland Way
Yokes Fair Isle Knitting Patterns, Knitting Ideas, Knitting Designs, Knitting Projects, Crochet
Washcloth pattern but I could see it in sock yarn to make a garland!
I made her in Nurturing Fibres Eco Fusion which is lovely to work with and is a blend of cotton and bamboo. You can find the free pattern here, ...
Boxing day jumper – Kate Davies Designs
Blaithin by Kate Davies. Lan sakes, I love this woman's designs. Knit Cardigan. Ravelry
gorgeous hand spun yarn! Hand Spinning, Yarn Needle, Flower Patterns, Ravelry,
Ravelry: Apple Cozy pattern by Bailee Wellisch
Earth Day 2012 pattern by Meagheen Ryan
Comfortable fit sweater + Colowork Yoke: Humulus pattern by Isabell Kraemer Knitting Yarn, Sweater
beautiful colorwork - i'm knitting peerie flooers right now! kate davies = designer. Ravelry
Ravelry: Project Gallery for Silfri pattern by Linnea Ornstein Sweater Knitting Patterns, Knitting Designs
Ravelry: sunsmiles' Smoke and Fire Catkin
I'm pleased, it fits, and goes with much of my wardrobe and isn't super heavy, despite being a real yarn eater, or overly warm. The icord bind off along the ...
Ravelry: Miss Rachel's Yoke pattern by Kate Davies Knitting Sweaters, Knitting Yarn, Hand
The shoulders are joined with a three-needle bind off, and further length is added to the sleeves, knitting downward from the elbow.
Could I create an upper-body-covering piece of fabric, then extend the sleeves and body so that it grew into more of a jacket?
Ravelry: Steinkriger (Norwegian Lopapaysa) pattern by Katrine Hammer Sweater Knitting Patterns, Free
Ravelry: Scatness Tunic pattern by Kate Davies
Ravelry: basilandbelle's Starting Point
I also loved how many of the colours in my beloved Reading bricks are reflected in the soft peachy oranges and grey brown colourways of Knit By Numbers.
seriously cute owl puffs on Ravelry. I think I could make something like these out of that old knit stocking I have.
Between now and the cast-on date, there are a few fun things to do including making your project page on Ravelry; choosing your colours; ...
Dreyma pattern by Jennifer Steingass
I also love the glorious Breiwick beret by Ella Gordon which appears on the cover of Milarrochy Heids.
... at the yarn store where I work and I decided to cast on for a Tarmac tank, a pattern by Anna Maltz from the summer issue of Pom Pom Quarterly.
Rams and Yowes blanket by Kate Davies; uses nine natural colors of Shetland wool.
Kate Davies - West Highland Way
(by Kate Davies)
The main colour is a mid blue but I like the idea of having a contrasting colour for the inside of the pocket that only I'll know about (oh wait…).
... I'm designing, in what I wear I seem to feel much more interested in playing around with volume and shape, than in garments that closely fit my body.
Cockatoo Brae pattern by Kate Davies
Shetland by Marie Wallin at Loop London Etnic Pattern, Knitting Designs, Knitting Projects,
Spruce Forest pattern by Nancy Bush from the Brooklyn Tweed Wool People Vol.
Kate Davies is in the process of releasing her first line of yarns. This post takes you through the process of how the dyeing of her yarn is done.
My only misgivings are that I made the sleeves slightly too long, although I quite like that as it makes little 'hand hugs', and that the Titus, ...
Cathedral Grove pattern by Faye Kennington
Ravelry: Burning Stripes pattern by Susan Luni Sock Knitting, Knitting Stitches, Knitting Ideas
The yarn is some gorgeous Titus by Eden Cottage Yarns, a blend of silk and merino that's perfect for a shawl project. I have some more in my stash waiting ...
Ravelry: Project Gallery for Still Light Tunic pattern by Veera Välimäki Tunic Pattern, Cardigans
Ravelry: jettshin's Gyoen-October sweater II Lace Sweater, Knit Cardigan, Knitting For
I have a set of skills I can share and nothing brings me more joy than seeing someone to whom I was also to pass on some knowledge to develop a similar ...
... this here because, when working from an inspiration source we've found in the world, there very often *isn't* an exact match in the available yarns .
the way the shoulder increases are worked, the top-down narrowed sleeves, the stepped ribbed hem.
... my Milarrochy Tweed collection of simple summer patterns, the last of which I published yesterday) I decided I was going to cut my hair quite short.
I have some news other than knitting too. If you are a regular reader then you'll know I have ME/CFS and the last twelve months have been especially tough.
Ravelry: Project Gallery for Tacit pattern by Hunter Hammersen Easy Knitting, Knitting Needles,
... of the new cowl revealing different combinations of orange with grey brown, and different levels of contrast between background and pattern yarns .
Everyone has different tastes and predilections, though, and I confesss that I've found some of the reactions to the images of me wearing these designs to ...
but well, you know me by now.
Eva Shawl - Jamieson and Smith, Real Shetland Wool, Fair Isle Knitting, Shetland…
Making - No. 5 COLOR
As with all KNITSONIK design processes, I began by casting on a large swatch to help me find my way with this new yarn.
Yokes Totes Kate Davies - tote bags to go with her new book of knitting patterns
However, I really like seeing how the design looks in Tom's official photos for the book and it's great to see it styled with that vibrant, rust red jacket.
LanArta's Laubhaufen - Heap Of Leaves
There Is Beauty In Your Presence Celestial Cobweb
"Wingspan" scarf/shawlette free pattern on ravelry by maylin Tri'Coterie Designs
if you are in Edinburgh this weekend .
Heathered pattern by Melissa Schaschwary
Designer Louisa Harding's company that specialises in Yorkshire-spun cashmere yarns has brought out four limited edition shades for the Spring and Summer ...
I really love this look, just like I love the wide cropped look of Carbeth. Shape, silhouette and proportion are things I think about a lot, and which often ...
Image courtesy of Kate Davies