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23 military aircraft you'd never guess were legal to own!
T-33 Shooting Star in Flight. Aircraft for sale.
SEE ALSO: Former F-35 pilot explains how the US Marine Corps' version makes China's 'carrier killer' missiles irrelevant
... aircraft for your viewing pleasure. Curtiss P-40 Tigershark. Doesn't get much better.
Duel of the Light Attack Planes: Tucano vs. Texan vs. Scorpion
André Du-pont (Mexico Air Spotters)/Wikicommons
The Air Force may bring back Vietnam-style combat plane
You won't need to reboot this aircraft. It doesn't have a DEEC or a MAU. It doesn't have "fly by wire" so by the time you get your fighter out of ...
world war 2 fighter plane, navy trainer
So, you can Buy an old Soviet Fighter Jet or a Boeing 747 just like a Used Car on the Internet
Hitler's Jet Fighters Tried to Turn the Tide of World War II. They Failed (but Changed History Forever)
World War 2 Fighters In Action
A Turkish aviation enthusiast believes he has discovered the Top Secret location of 50 Nazi fighter
Wreckage of a WWII plane that crashed 70 years ago is found in the Sahara Desert
Black Sheep forming up for filming during the show. (photo via Stephen Chapis)
This Man Built a WWII Fighter Plane by Hand
The Akutan Zero: How a Captured Japanese Fighter Plane Helped Win World War II
Curtiss P-40 Warhawk
... historic aircraft. Boeing N2S
North American XP-82 Twin Mustang 44-83887 on a test flight over the
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World War II,US pilot,Vietnam War
Close-up image of a pilot sitting in a vintage World war two US Navy fighter plane.
226 OCU, English Electric Lightning T.4 XM972 & line at RAF Middleton St George in 1964. Other aircraft include XM971, XM996, XM990 & XM976
World War 2 Fighter Planes & Aircrafts
A Spitfire Mk IIa flies alongside a Hawker Hurricane Mk IIC. Both aircraft are from the Royal Air Force Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.
Passengers survive WWII-era plane crash
Military Aircraft Tracker
Old reliable: This restored Hawker Hurricane shows the classic fighter plane in all its glory
Photo: Israeli Air Force
fighter vintage ww2 military aircraft plane
The F-22A fighter first took to the skies in 1997, ushering in a new age in jet fighters and inspiring a host of imitators. Twenty years later the Raptor is ...
XP-59A Airacomet
Photo: HO, Courtesy Photo
A US Air Force F-22 Raptor fighter aircraft flies over Alaskan terrain after refueling, January 5, 2013.
Supermarine Spitfire Mk I
A Second World War De Havilland Mosquito restored at Ardmore Airfield in Auckland, New Zealand
Complete Book of World War II Combat Aircraft: Enzo Angelucci, Paolo Matricardi, Pierluigi Pinto: 9788854008298: Amazon.com: Books
Victor and vanquished both awaited the smelter in Germany after World War II in this remarkable photo showing remnants of an upended German Ju 52 transport ...
British WW2 Aircraft: Bristol Beaufighter
Would a Fighter Pilot Shoot Down a Private Airplane? | Flight Today | Air & Space Magazine
Initially conceived as a passenger aircraft, the astonishingly ugly Zubr (Bison) was converted to a bomber as a backup, in case the somewhat more advanced ...
1 ...
This article attempts to compare the combat performance of fighter aircraft ...
Mitsubishi Zero fighter planes like this one were the heart of the Japanese aerial force that attacked Pearl Harbor. See more WWII fighter plane pictures.
Messerschmidt 262 replica
It is always interesting to see what surplus military hardware ends up on the private market. While browsing aircraft classified ads I came across this mint ...
“Lightning Strikes” Smithsonian: Air&Space Collector's Edition, Summer 2018 , 65.
The Toughest Plane Ever Built? Take a Look. World War II inspired intense experimentation human and mechanical. My mother's affair with a flight surgeon, ...
WWII-era fighter plane crashes in Texas during re-enactment show (PHOTOS)
There is no doubt that the United States' greater military spending has enabled it to operate the best air force in the world. Let's take a close look at ...
Old fighter plane details from back
1947 FIAT G-46-3B
Amazon.com: (24x36) World War II Military Aircraft Educational Chart Poster: Prints: Posters & Prints
If you've ever seen a World War II video, you've heard the sound of the German bomber planes flying over the sky. But if not, here's a montage on YouTube.
The Spitfire as it is today has been converted into a two seater
Inside Microsoft Mogul Paul Allen's Multi-Million Dollar WWII Airplane Collection
P-47C Cienfuegos, Ww2 Aircraft, Military Aircraft, P 47 Thunderbolt, Old
Fighter aircraft: The Hurricane (bottom) was the mainstay of the RAF as it
Nazi-Marked Plane Crashes Onto California Freeway, Bursts Into Flames | HuffPost
Two MiG-21MF fighter aircraft flying in FSX
Amazing fact: the World's dominant Military Air Power has 5 aircraft types that served over 50 years and still have a number of them operational.
The Incredible 50-year-old Plane on the Front Lines of the North Korea Standoff
Some neighborhood kids built a pinewood derby car for Boy Scouts, and they made it look like a WWII-era plane? Adorable!
Flaming Cliffs 2 Flanker
WW2 Plane Rides. T28 ready for take off
Secret Casualties of the Cold War
Vintage warplane used to bomb ISIS
Military nose art from World War II on a B-17 Flying Fortress bomber. World War II military aircraft ...
WarBirds 2018 is now in its 22th year of simulating flight combat in World War II. The game includes solo and online versions with over 120 aircraft.
What makes a successful fighter aircraft? It's not an easy question to answer. The U.S. military started grappling with it during WWI, developing a ...