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Dorothy sebastian pilot 1929 vintage t Aviones Aviones
Dorothy Sebastian, 1929
Dick Railsback
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... to the crew working on the plane and they got a big kick out of it. Where have the years gone, lets call this the present and the past.
Ahead of the game: Winston Churchill foresaw the menace of the Soviet Union and began
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Minnie Emmett
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In what was sold to John Wayne as a serious dramatic anti-Soviet Union motion picture and Howard Hughes new "Hells' Angels", became more reminiscent of the ...
Today is Sunday, June 11, the 162nd day of 2017 with 203 to follow. The moon is waning. Morning stars are Saturn, Neptune, Venus, Uranus, and Mercury.
Karl Martell, Színész Karl Martell was born on November 17, 1906 in Tilsit. He was a German Színész, known for Alarm (1940), La Habanera (1937), ...
Priscilla Bonner, Herec Priscilla Bonner was born on Februar 17, 1899 in Washington, District of Columbia, USA. She was an American Herec, known for The ...
STILL CLIMBING "SOCKIN' 1-2 -3-4" John Roberts Duke
He was an American актер, known for The band Wagon (1953), Monte Carlo (1930), A Man of Mayfair (1931), Jack Buchanan's ...
Leda Gys, † 02.10. 1957, артистка trong> Leda Gys was born on May 10, 1892 in Rom. She was an Italian артистка, known for La Marcia nuziale (1915), ...
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She was an American Actriz, known for The Cocoanuts (1929), Trouble in Paradise (1932), Give me your Heart (1936), Kay Francis's ...
Adelheid Seeck, Actriz Adelheid Seeck was born on November 3, 1899 in Berlin. She was a German Actriz, known for Vater unser bestes Stück (1957), ...
John Gilbert, Herec John Gilbert was born under the given name John Cecil Pringle on July 10, 1899 in Logan, Utah, USA. He was an American Herec, ...
Olga Linek Scholl was born on Dezember 15, 1894 in New York, USA. She was an American Autrice, known for Pour L'Humanité (1918), Once to every woman (1920), ...
'Fantasy Island' star Ricardo Montalban dies at 88
Cedar Lake, Big Bear Valley, San Bernardino National Forest
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Käthe Dorsch, † 25.12. 1957, артистка trong> Käthe Dorsch was born on Dezember 29, 1889 in Neumarkt, Oberpfalz. She was a German артистка, ...
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Magda Sonja, † 99.99. 1957, Herec trong> Magda Sonja was born on May 23, 1895 in Wien. She was an Austrian Herec, known for Ssanin (1924), Drakula halála ...
Neil Hamilton, Herec Neil Hamilton was born on September 9, 1899 in Lynn, MA, USA. He was an American Herec, known for The Patsy (1964), Why Be Good? (1929) ...
Charles Brabin was born on April 17, 1883 in Liverpool, England. He was an American Режиссер, актер, known for Ben Hur (1925), Call of the flesh (1930), ...
Charles Augustus Lindbergh con el "espíritu de San Louis" Fecha: 27 de mayo
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Lancaster (UK Parliament constituency) - Fenner Brockway
It may be raining, but there's still fun to be had!
She was a German Actriz, known for Die Weber (1927), Die Csikosbaroness ( 1930), ...
Musidora, † 11.12. 1957, артистка trong> Musidora was born on Februar 23, 1889 in Paris. She was a French артистка, known for Вампиры (1915), Judex (1916), ...
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The Hunter's Cross
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Ancestors of Victor
Edward Bellande: Pioneering pilot
Fleetwings Sea Bird
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This picture also went through multiple Directors and a lengthily shoot.
Pope in Bermuda
Fin Fan Fun Animal Sounds
... Author-photographer David Darcy presents a stunning collection of portraits depicting war, childhood, love and life in the in the lucky country.
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Hydro-avion, 1913.
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... Author-photographer David Darcy presents a stunning collection of portraits depicting war, childhood, love and life in the in the lucky country.
Posse from Hell 1961 11x14 Orig Lobby Card FFF-32563 Audie Murphy Western
Hydro-avion. By favour of "Flight." Uniform Aeroplane
Saucedo was dedicated community member, supporter of physical fitness
111E BEST OF ALt POWLE 111161,U1 CO1ME FRAXUS is the greatest singer of our
Roger Harding (singer)
Frame captures from Murder in the Clouds (1934).
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She was an American Actrice, known for What happened to Rosa (1921), Elle voulait un Foyer (1916), Satan (1920), Doris Pawn's ...
Unauthorized use of this program or any portion of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent ...
CANTRIL, H. & ALLPORT, G.W. (1935). The psychology of radio. New York : Harper and Brothers.
By Ken Follett
Anyone for an Oreo? The Landing gear on the A320 could be mistaken for an
Saint-Exupery: scoperto abbozzo inedito del "Piccolo Principe". All'asta il 16 maggio.
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... John Giem - At approximately 1:15 EDT July 5, 2009 at Ormond Beach Oceanside Hospital, our friend, comrade, and fellow pilot Luis Salazar; passed away.