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QuotScutlerquot Cyberachnid House Van Saar39s pet Necromunda
necromunda cyberachnid. necromunda cyberachnid. With Van Saar ...
I do love an Ambull... had to find my own for campaigns.
Kai Killswitch - Cy-Assassin - Ex-house Van Saar - Necromunda
The Neutron Cabal of House Van Saar is complete! I have two more minis left
First ever multiplayer game of Necromunda at @geek_retreat_brum with Van Saar's, Escher's and Venators
Necromunda - Van Saar Cyberachnid kitbash
Almost done with this stupid tiny Van Saar. Stupid ponytail and some minor touchups left. #vansaar #necromunda #necromundaterrain
Van Saar Plasma Cannon v3
Not much hobby of late lacking in mojo, but spotting this at a local miniature
Ivan Serov ( @regnvald_art )
Looks like there is a lasgun, and a las carbine and they both look a bit similar. And if you didn't like the tech ponytails looks like it'll be no problem ...
On the Workbench - Necromunda Pyromaniac / Hired Gun
The head barman of the star bar just came in the post 😎 No one gives
Really happy with how this Cyber Mastiff has turned out. I am most happy that
Trying to rough-in some of the details for my House Van Saar gang. I think it's heading in a direction I like, but I've still gotta figure a few more things ...